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Hello, hello to Stackers everywhere on this glorious Sunday! As everyone obviously knows, StackSocial is chock full of goodness in many different categories — Apple/Mac, gaming, gadgets & gear, etc. — but we added a new category this week that has everyone in our office absolutely THRILLED:

Android. Much like Ron Burgundy, this is kind of a big deal. StackSocial’s origins lie a few years back in a wild era known as “2011” as a deals site for products connected to the Apple/Mac ecosystem. Since then, we’ve grown up a lot and we continue to listen to all of the precious feedback you, our customers, send our way. Though we get a lot of great suggestions (“Hey, guys, what do you think about just giving all of your products away for free?”), there’s one we’ve been hearing a lot: give…us…Android deals!

We decided to look into it, and apparently this “Google” company (I think that’s what it’s called) is doing pretty well. As it turns out, a lot of people are using smartphones powered by the Android OS, so we put our heads together here at StackSocial HQ and declared that, yes, there will indeed be Android deals on StackSocial!

We’ve run plenty of deals for products that work on multiple mobile operating systems (including Android), but we’re working hard to bring Android users great discounts on dedicated Android products, so stay tuned for great Android deals − right here on StackSocial.

Want the hottest Android deal running on StackSocial? Check out the Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor: Measure Your World With 11 Sensors In One − 25% off!

OR get the top-selling deal currently running on StackSocial:

The Name Your Own Price Front-End Master Bundle – pay what you want for $1,042 worth of goodies!

NYOP Front-end Master Bundle

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