New Tech Gadgets: Glasses Restore Color for Colorblind

EnChroma recently released one of the coolest new tech gadgets capable of changing a person’s life. It’s a pair of sunglasses that supposedly restores color to colorblind individuals. The science behind it is extremely complex. At it’s core, the glasses remove certain wavelengths that can overlap with other colors in a matter more complicated for the brain to communicate. The EnChroma Cx simplifies the wavelengths to streamline the color communication to the brain.

Testimonials have been rather remarkable with people seeing rainbows and flowers for the first time. Here’s an example of how the EnChroma Cx helps individuals perceive color:



So you’re all probably wondering how much these specs go for. Starting at $329.95, they’re surprisingly affordable considering they can bring color to a person’s world. Try not to judge the next person you see rockin’ those sunglasses at night. They may just be trying to get their color on.

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