PCMag calls NordVPN a smart, 5-star choice. And now, it’s less than $3 a month.

If you’ve spent any time frequenting online tech hubs, then you know deals on virtual private network services (VPNs) are plentiful. As one of the most secure, cost-effective means of protecting yourself and your sensitive information when you’re on the web, we’ve all seen literally dozens of VPN providers spring up, all vying for their shot at serving your security needs.

As with any clogged marketplace, most of those services range from mediocre to downright appalling. So when a respected outlet like PCMag labels NordVPN a 5-star, editors’ choice alternative, you should take notice. Couple that with their current 75% off deal ($69 for a two-year subscription) and you’re looking at a VPN solution with the performance, features and price to make other services look like also-rans.

So, what is it about NordVPN that’s has PCMag so excited? It starts with a simple, customer-friendly interface that doesn’t put technical issues ahead of user experience. With a click, you easily connect to NordVPN’s vast network of over 3,500 server locations in 61 countries. Cloaked in their double encrypted SSL-based 2048-bit encryption, no one, not even NordVPN itself, is able to see your data, identify you or even know where in the world you’re located.

NordVPN users enjoy unrestricted, secure, scorching fast web access, even when logged in through potentially sketchy public Wi-Fi hotspots. As PCMag puts it, “NordVPN is using the best and latest technology and isn’t afraid to talk about it.”

While clearly impressing with solid core performance, PCMag was also pleased with NordVPN’s host of advanced features and other options that they say ultimately set it apart from the rest of the VPN crowd.

Like a Kill Switch feature to automatically shut down browsing or downloading if your VPN connection drops. Or the flexibility to choose a connection server for your specific online needs. Or added DNS leak protection that other VPNs don’t offer. Or that fact that you can use it on up to six devices simultaneously.

On top of the advantages that push NordVPN to elite-level status, this limited time offer also makes it as inexpensive as any option out there — just under $3 a month.