This All-In-One Privacy Tool Keeps You Safe From Hackers

Like putting locks on your door and setting up a passcode on your smartphone, securing your internet via a VPN is essential. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s a cybersecurity solution that protects your personal information from hackers and spies.

While there are a lot of companies offering VPNs — some free, some ridiculously pricey — there are only a few you can actually trust, and one of them is Disconnect. Recognized by The New York Times and recipient of the SXSW Innovation Award for Privacy and Security, Disconnect is an all-in-one tracker blocker and VPN that provides you total privacy and a better browsing experience. Right now, you can get lifetime access to this service for $49 at StackSocial.

On top of encrypting your online activity, here are all the reasons why Disconnect is considered one of the best and most trusted:

1. It can increase your browsing speed up to 44% faster, using up to 39% less bandwidth.

Ever wondered why websites load slowly despite the top-speed internet you pay for? Well, it’s mostly because a lot of sites are ravaged by invisible trackers that not only collect your personal data but also waste your bandwidth and drain your battery life. Disconnect reverses that by blocking trackers and all sorts of malware, resulting in a better and faster browsing experience and extended battery life.

2. It completely secures your data.

Disconnect helps you protect yourself against companies, cybercriminals, and government entities who want to get ahold of your data and online activity. By encrypting your internet connection and rerouting it through a different network, you can rest assured your personal information won’t fall into the wrong hands.

3. It makes you 100% anonymous.

With Disconnect, you can freely search whatever you want and visit whatever site you please without anyone knowing. The app masks your device’s IP address so it appears as though your traffic is originating from somewhere else. This feature is also useful if you want to access content from geo-restricted sites like Netflix when you’re out of the country.

Normally, a lifetime subscription to Disconnect costs $500, but for a limited time, Yahoo! readers can get it for only $49. Not bad a price considering you’re getting maximum online privacy for life.