These quick videos are the most engaging way to learn new skills

Quick tally — how many of us immediately tune out and find our eyes rolling back in our heads when confronted with a typical training video? It’s an easy bet that that number is high.

Flat presenters, limp production values, cheap graphics. Within 5 minutes, you’re likely convinced the video was created by your neighborhood high school’s AV Club.

Thankfully, online educator Intellezy is shooting for a higher standard, producing premium quality instruction videos that keep your attention while actually teaching the information you seek, fast. Right now, you can unlock a lifetime of access to Intellezy’s massive educational library for nearly 90 percent off its regular price, only $49.99.

What You Can Learn

Intellezy serves up a catalog of over 5,000 resource videos, dropping knowledge on most of today’s hottest IT topics and desktop apps. For students looking to get up to speed on Microsoft Office, the Adobe Creative Cloud, Oracle systems, Google apps and more, Intellezy has a package of well-crafted, easily digestible videos to help embed that information.

And to once again emphasize the point, this is no cable-access level production. Intellezy films these training segments in a professional-grade studio environment. These finely-honed 3-to-5 minute videos are crafted for clarity, helping you understand subjects that could be nearly impossible to grasp in the hands of lesser producers.

High-Quality Production

Of course, crackerjack production quality is no substitute for quality content. Luckily, Intellezy doesn’t scrimp in that area either, fielding engaging, industry-trained, certified instructors and experts. They don’t just regurgitate facts. They dig in to truly explain and offer insight into the critical nuances of a subject. In concert with exercises, readings, and practice exams, it’s like sitting in the classroom with a favorite teacher.

Intellezy’s vault is filled with career-building education that’s available now at nearly $450 off its usual price (now just $49.99(. By grabbing this limited time offer, you can also get in with Intellezy on shorter terms to try it out, including 1-year ($29.99) and 3-year ($39.99) packages.