Easily create animated presentations with this $19 app

If you’ve seen the cool animations and clickable links at the ends of many YouTube videos, you’ve probably thought about how awesome it would be to create something like that for your own presentations.  But we live in a proprietary world, so you can only create those YouTube animations when you upload to YouTube.

Now, Cloud Animator is bringing that YouTube format out of YouTube and even expanding on the idea. They offer a host of animated project templates and other presentation aides that can spice up your creation in virtually any format. A one-year subscription to Cloud Animators advanced services is available now for just $19, 72 percent off its regular price.

How Cloud Animator Works

Cloud Animator isn’t like one of those super-complicated animation programs with a million steps and a huge learning curve. Its intuitive, streamlined interface helps you integrate video, images, animation, audio, music or text easily into your presentation.

Once you’ve signed up, all your projects are built and stored in your Cloud Animator account. Just determine how you want your scene to play out, figure out how various animations or effects can liven things up, then start creating.

With built-in linking capabilities, you’ve got the tools to create a truly interactive presentation, allowing the user to determine the course of their own experience. Text can appear and disappear, animated characters and objects will actually move and you can import video that will appear in the background or foreground of your project.

Bye Bye PowerPoint

While the creative possibilities of Cloud Animator are virtually endless, so are the options for ultimately sharing your completed presentations. Cloud Animator makes it simple to post your project directly to Facebook or other social platforms, embed it on a webpage or even share it with friends via instant messaging.

Cloud Animator is the new-school answer to all those static PowerPoint slide presentations you’ve been forced to sit through for years. You can create up to 30 different projects on your one-year subscription, a $69 package that you can grab right now for only $19 with this limited time offer.