p90x iPhone App: The $100 Personal Trainer

-By Matt Smith

Personal trainers are pretty darn expensive. Even if you go to a discount gym like 24 Hour Fitness the price per session is usually over $40.

Personally I really need a trainer or a class to really push myself to the limit. Well no fear my Stackers today I’m going to show you my $100 personal trainer. This is a one-time payment for unlimited training sessions. The trainer is the p90x iPhone app. You can download it here. It is the best fitness iphone app EVER!

The app is $2.99 and comes with a few workouts included (a great ab workout). If you want every single p90x workout (which I suggest you get) it costs around $100.

Here is why I love the app:

  • Each workout is super challenging and entertaining. You are constantly moving for 1 hour during every workout.

  • You can listen to Pandora and do the workout at the same time

  • The trainer (Tony Horton) pushes you through the entire workout via his motivational personal trainer speeches

  • You can take your personal trainer with you ANYWHERE (aka the app)

  • Several of the workouts require zero equipment so you can do them in your hotel room etc

  • The workouts combine both cardio and strength training which really maximizes the workout

  • Each workout includes both a warm up an a cold down so you can literally be done in 60 minutes flat

An in depth look at the app

This is the main interface of the app when you are working out. You can quickly skip any specific exercise and enter the number of reps and the weight you used.

Here are all the routines. Like I said above I highly recommend buying them all if you really want to get the full experience.

The app also has tons of features such as calendars, body measurements, before and after pictures etc. I mostly use it for the workout themselves but I can see a lot of value in the other features. Of course if you dig into the other features, it can only help you attain your fitness goals.

A great tool to track your progress!

Most of the team at StackSocial is pretty fit (we are HQ’d on muscle beach 🙂 so I have some serious working out and dieting ahead. The app will absolutely help.

What are your favorite fitness iphone apps? Please tweet at me here and StackSocial here and let us know. Wish me luck and good luck on your fitness journey as well!

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