Project Management Software That’s Made Our Lives Easier…and it’s FREE!

Project management software that’s made our lives easier…and it’s Free.

 Workflow is a new buzzword in the tech community and Asana wants to see to it that more than just techie twenty-five year olds know just how much simpler social workflow software can make peoples’ work and personal lives.  

 The purpose of workflow software is to aggregate all of your documents and social media channels into a single stream. You’ll no longer need to sift through your work email to find that spreadsheet from a week ago to send to a coworker from a different address with a bullet point list of tasks.   Asana combines your personal email, dropbox, google docs and other other apps (Evernote, Simplenote) into a single, easy-to-use place to communicate and get work done.

 We we’re immediately hooked when we heard the one phrase that has turned into the Holy Grail of workspaces everywhere: ONE inbox. 

 Yes, please.

 Here’s how Asana works:


These are somewhat like channels in that they allow you to control who sees what and where you will put each projects and task. Common workspaces are “personal,” “family,” and “professional.” Whoever you share that workspace with is allowed to see your activity therein.


Projects can be viewed by priority, by assignee, or by associated tags.  Asana’s incredible level of customization in project management distinguishes them from other workflow software.  Once you’ve created a project you can share it with whoever you like so tasks can be delegated and communication can be optimized.


Tasks are essentially to-do lists and can be made in Asana or imported from another app.  You can add a due date to an individual task and teammates can communicate with each other via the comments section.

The Inbox

The inbox shows all the tasks that have been assigned to you by others or yourself. It’s as if you sat down and went through your entire email inbox to make a list of things to accomplish.  Tasks need to be done outside of the inbox, meaning you will literally be forced to put them in a workspace and (yes) complete them.

…the catch…

 You will only see the full benefits of Asana if everyone in your life is using it. Team members who chose to use the software will all reap the benefits of this efficient method of collaboration, but that one special someone who is in love with Google Docs and refuses to make the switch will hold everyone back (because you’ll have to log back into your email…download that document…update that Google calendar). 

 Like all new technology it will take a while to catch on, and we have full faith that it will…consolidation please? 

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