Tech Giants to Blow Whistle on Government Requests for Personal Data

The likes of Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other major tech companies vow to inform users when handing over personal data to the government. Authorities are not pleased with the notion as it tips off criminals under major investigations. As of now, subpoenas simply urge tech companies not to inform their users of information requests, but their not legally required to do so.

It’s presumed the government will either implement a mandate or forgo the practice altogether as it may actually give criminals under investigation an advantage. Only tens of thousands of people are affected by these information requests on a yearly basis; a very small number when you consider Facebook’s billion plus user base. Yet people are still outraged about their lack of privacy.

It’s tough to discern if tech companies are genuinely looking out for their users or just trying to divert user uproar caused by the National Security Agency surveillance fiasco from last year. It’s one hell of a PR move. The story is getting national attention and making tech giants look like the good guys.Well played!

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