Radinn Is a Jet-Powered Wakeboard, as Fun as It Sounds

If I were going to take up a watersport, I’d probably go for wakeboarding. You get the cool bits about surfing (i.e. carving and the ability to pull tricks) without the danger of being wiped out by a wall of angry seawater every so often. There is one issue with wakeboarding, though — you either need a specialist venue with a tow line, or someone with a speedboat to pull you along. At least, you do until the Radinn, a self-propelled wakeboard, goes on sale. Yes, that is as cool as it sounds…see this video evidence…

At 64lbs, the Radinn is definitely bulkier than a standard wakeboard, but that’s because it’s crammed full of technology. It is propelled by an electric, salt-water jet motor that is capable of hitting an impressive 25 knots (aka 29mph), and there’s a hand-held controller to adjust your speed. Power is provided by internal lithium batteries, which offer 30 minutes of top-speed playtime. However, this is just a late-stage production prototype, and the Swedish manufacturer plans a significant improvement on current performance — in terms of both speed and range — before it delivers on the first round of pre-orders early next year.


If you’re thinking of getting one, though, make sure you have$20,000 in the bank. But given that the Radinn debuted at this year’s billionaire-filled Cannes Yachting Festival, you can probably envision what the target market is. At least the rest of us can console ourselves with the knowledge that the technology is out there, and the price will inevitably, eventually, come down.

Check out Radinn’s website for more info.

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