Why Stealth is Overrated

Hello World!!  

Here at StackSocial HQ we’ve been working for the past couple months on something pretty cool.  Our friends in the valley said we should keep it quiet until we launched, but I think we all know the truth – it’s about execution, not ideas.  Which is why we’re consuming copious amounts of caffeine to build something geeks from around the web will love.

As with many other areas of this world, the core of the problem as we see it is discovery of “the best of the best” out there.  Discovery of exactly what, you may ask?  We’ll get to that…but in general what’s the easiest, most efficient way to determine what is the best?

Well, let’s take a few examples:

  1. Amazon (Human-powered reviews) – pretty awesome, right?  Solid, thorough reviews from people who have actually used the product themselves.  
  2. Pandora (Algorithmic recommendations) – typically not a fan of these types of “discovery engines”, but I must say, it works in this case.  Pandora rocks.
  3. Vogue (Expert opinion) – this works in some cases as it does with fashion.  Vogue essentially tells its readers what they should wear based on trends.
  4. Plancast (Events based on your network) – If you don’t live in Silicon Valley, you may not have heard of Plancast, but its amazing in my humble opinion.  It enables you to create, discover, and share your plans with your network. It’s simple and yet very effective because you are able to quickly discern what events you may want to attend based on your association and understanding of who the attendees are…whether they are friends or merely people you respect in the industry.

This is the type of clarity we want to bring to developers, designers, and just plain old geeks for software apps and web services.  Yes, there are solutions out there there do something similar to this, but we believe there are fundamental flaws in those solutions.  

Part two of what StackSocial is…is a natural extension of discovery.  It’s acquiring those apps and services.  We’re working directly with developers to be able to offer you those apps you love at a kickass deal.  It’s pretty simple: discover, share, and learn from the pros.  

Sound cool?  I agree – to be one of the first to get in on our launch this March, go to www.stacksocial.com and enter your email to get on our exclusive beta launch email list.   Let us know what you think of the site so far and feel free to send us early recommendations of kickass developers we should be talking to…

Happy hacking!

– Josh & Eugene

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