Team Stack Making Moves…Silicon Beach Style!

After gaining some traction in the midst of Silicon Beach under the wing of Amplify.LA, StackSocial is venturing west to breathe in that motivational ocean breeze so graciously emitted by the Pacific. Lucky for us, Robert Downey Jr. vacated his digs on the bustling Venice Beach boardwalk freeing up a prime new hub for StackSocial to spread its own wings after leaving the Amplify nest.

What better way to get employees excited about heading to work than setting up shop in a posh beach house? Most people grind all week and re-up on the weekends by relaxing beachside, barbecuing, surrounding themselves with quality company, or possibly engaging in leisurely games. In order to stay fresh and motivated, we thought it’s wise to put our team in the midst of such indulgences so they don’t have to count down the days.

Businesses need fresh people with fresh ideas to stay relevant in the competitive market. Team Stack doesn’t kick start this process in your typical brainstorm meeting. We traded in our coffee cups and conference room for surfboards so we can float around ideas while we float around ourselves. Summer company picnics at the local park on a weekend? We think not. Team Stack climbs up to our roof deck for a mini midday BBQ with the Santa Monica Pier in the backdrop. Forget water cooler banter or cancer sticks for an afternoon break. Take it down to the ping-pong dojo to let entrepreneurial competitiveness flow. 

It’s 2012. Things aren’t so black and white nowadays and we decided we could overlap that old work hard play hard cliché. For those of you familiar with the startup game, you’ve seen first hand how you are never really off the clock. Whether you are working at the office, from home, or remotely there is always work to be done to propel business to that next level. We don’t work to live, nor do we live to work; we just smash into one ridiculous enjoyable lifestyle that breeds all around goodness. The only unfortunate aspect of this spot is we don’t live here!

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