Top 5 Reasons Why Working at a Startup Accelerator Rocks

Top 5 Reasons Why Working at a Startup Accelerator Rocks

 We here at StackSocial are lucky enough to be working out of the L.A. based startup accelerator, Our average day is filled with Redbull (sugar-free of course…we are based in LA, ya know), a revolving door of VC’s and entrepreneurs, dogs snooping from desk to desk, the sound of seemingly never-ending construction and last but definitely not least, the Poké Poké salads picked up on the Venice strand and brought back to the office.

 Working at a startup has been a great experience for our team.  The casual atmosphere and friendly chaos is a cover for the hard work and sleepless nights that everyone in the office has been investing in their young (but rapidly growing) companies. The collaborative entrepreneurial environment and the guidance and support of our mentors have given us vision for when things get…uh…frantic.

Top 5 reasons why we love working at an accelerator:

 Instant network – Working with the Amplify family puts us in touch with an amazing network of mentors and investors in the startup community inside and outside of LA. These are people who have experience in growing baby companies and running companies that have already taken off. 

Mentorship/guidance – Amplify hosts weekly events including mentor office hours, Wednesday Mentor Panels, and monthly mentor breakfasts that keep us in touch with the people in our network who have “been there and done that.” We get to completely mooch off their wisdom and experiences; that means there is one less lesson we might not have to learn the hard way and we couldn’t be more appreciative for that.

Fun – It wouldn’t be hard to beat a sterile corporate environment in terms of “office fun” but seems to have more than our share of celebratory afternoon beers, office pranks and loud laughter that upsets marketing interns trying to write posts about how fun the office environment is.

Office space – One of the best things about being a part of an accelerator is that you finally get a little office space dedicated to just one thing—getting your company off the ground (unlike working out of your garage which also serves to holding that skiing gear you never use and the box of baby pictures your mom mistakenly assumed you wanted).  Amplify is brand spanking new which means one thing: construction. The office is constantly a buzz with new additions and changes, and we’ve loved watching all the pieces come together. 

Community – There’s nothing like having a strong sense of community to help us out during the ups and downs of being a young company.  Working out of a space that has several other companies going through the same things have helped us laugh off some of the “struggles.” 

If you have any questions about working at one of L.A.’s top startup accelerators feel free to reach out. 

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