Get ’em while you can! Top deals ending this week (9/8/14)

All good things have to come to an end, and, sadly, that includes these fantastic deals running on StackSocial. These deals are currently slated to expire at some point this week, so if you’re considering purchasing one, it’s time to jump on it!

TwistedWave: Record & Produce Impressive Studio Quality Mixes (74% off) – ENDS TODAY!Twisted Wave

TwistedWave gives you all the functionality you need to record, compress and master all your audio projects. It’s easy to use and intuitive interface makes your life easy while still providing the power you need.

It also features a great waveform display that is very fluid, allowing you to zoom and move the sound around quickly, even when working with large difficult files. TwistedWave provides you with all the audio help you need to compose like a pro.

Air-Fi Metro2 Headphones: The Noise Isolating Bluetooth Headset (40% off) – ends 9/10/14 (Wednesday)Air-Fi Metro2 Headphones

The Air-Fi Metro2 is the lightest wireless headset around, at just .4 ounces, the only thing you will notice is the crystal clear music blasting into your ear canals.

With a lightweight and ergonomic fit, the Metro2 provides all-day comfort while the flexible ear fittings keep the earphones securely in place. With a noise-isolating in-ear design, you hear your music and not the crying baby across the aisle.

Stock Up On Stock Photos: Up To $1000 Worth Of Images From Depositphotos (90% off) – ends 9/10/14 (Wednesday)Depositphotos

Get $1000 worth of high quality stock photos and vector images.

Find images of any subject and genre in Depositphotos’ enormous asset library.

You can use these for design projects, advertising, media, etc.

Limefuel Lite: The 15,000mAh Dual USB Battery Pack (36% off) – ends 9/13/14 (Saturday)Limefuel

The Limefuel Lite will give you the confidence to use your devices to your heart’s content.

Whether you want your iPad to stay alive through an international flight, are counting on your phone to remain juiced through a long day of meetings or need to keep everyone charged on a family day out, this battery pack has you covered.

It’s powerful, small, stylish and covers all your portable charging needs at incredible value.

Stuffit Deluxe: The Ultimate File Compression Tool For Mac (Version 15.0) (80% off) – ends 9/13/14 (Saturday)Stuffit

Please Note: Image shows Version 9.0, but promotion is for Version 15.0.

Anyone who has ever had the experience of downloading a password protected .rar file from a public dropbox or other large file source knows how annoying it can be to search the contents of the package if you don’t have the right software already installed.

Once we got to thinking about it, we realized even for simple file sharing, the process of compressing a file then uploading through the web takes more time than it really should.

Stuffit Deluxe is a great one-stop solution for all of your current and future file compression needs.

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