All of the Top iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Deals Running on StackSocial

It’s here! The iPhone 6 has been revealed and it’s officially time to get excited. As always, Team Stack is ahead of the game to bring you awesome deals for the iPhone 6 and the new iOS 8 operating system. Here are all of the great deals you can take advantage of right now:

LithiumCard: The Wallet Sized HyperCharging Power Bank (iOS) (27% off)

Those hectic and busy days always seem to drain not only your bodies energy but your phones life as well. Now you can carry a juice boost with you right in your wallet.

LithiumCard is a beautifully designed and ultra slim portable charger that gives you the capacity to charge your device quickly. 1% a minute is no joke so when your in a pinch, pull out your wallet and get charged!

LithiumCard comes in a classy billet aluminum housing and also features simultaneous charging capabilities that lets you charge not only your device but the LithiumCard all at once.

The Complete iOS 8 + Swift Developers Course (Pre-Order) – Build 14 iOS 8 Apps Using Swift + BONUS iOS 7 Developers Course – 70+ Hours of Elite Instruction – 92% off! – Last chance to grab the pre-order price!

13434618958410.mA0UKsopDEBjAq6tEF8e_height640This is the top-selling product on StackSocial for the last several months. With iOS 8 just around the corner, there’s no better time to grab this deal and ensure you have the training you need to build great apps with Swift (plus you get the iOS 7 course too!).

StackSocial iPhone 6 Case & Screen Protector (US Pre-Order) – 33% offSTACKiPhone6Case

Drops and scratches just tend to happen, so plan ahead and protect your new iPhone with a case that can take a hit but adds almost no weight or bulk.

We believe you can never be to careful with your most cherished devices, especially the much anticipated and innovative iPhone 6, so keep yours in mint condition (while showing your Stack pride!) with the StackSocial iPhone 6 case and screen protector.

Limefuel Lite: The 15,000mAh Dual USB Battery Pack (36% off) – ends 9/13/14 (Saturday)Limefuel

The Limefuel Lite will give you the confidence to use your devices to your heart’s content.

Whether you want your iPad to stay alive through an international flight, are counting on your iPhone 6 to remain juiced through a long day of meetings or need to keep everyone charged on a family day out, this battery pack has you covered.

It’s powerful, small, stylish and covers all your portable charging needs at incredible value.

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