Tower Defense Meets Music Composition in Bad Hotel (Android)

Normally speaking, I tend to bring you news of newly released apps on this blog. But on this occasion, I’d like to point out an interesting little Android game I’ve stumbled upon recently. It’s called Bad Hotel. You’ll find it in our Name Your Own Price Handheld Hero Bundle, and it’s not quite like any other game I’ve come across.

The best way to describe it is Tycoon-themed tower defense meets musical plaything, but even that haphazard description doesn’t quite capture what this game actually is. You play as a startup hotelier, and the aim is to build yourself a money-making premises. However, the local fat cat wants to crush your business before you’ve even started. Being the usual kind of weird gazillionaire, he sends in his army of seagulls, rats and yetis to demolish your construction.

All the time you keep your hotel in good shape, it continues to rake in profits. You can then spend your cash on more revenue-generating rooms, or weapons to defend yourself (sounds like an interesting place to stay). But each building block of your hotel also has a musical tone, and if you build your place intelligently, you can create a melody to keep attackers at bay. It’s the twist that makes this game genre-defying and addictive, but it’s a little difficult to understand without seeing it in action…so here’s a video…

As you can see, the graphics are very likeable, and while the soundtrack can get repetitive, it is possible to create quite detailed musical compositions, should you manage to defend your real estate effectively. The musical element makes Bad Hotel immensely replayable, too, although there are plenty of levels to get through the first time round. Add it all together, and I think you have a fun time-waster with decent longevity. And yetis — always a plus!

If you fancy entering the quirky world of Bad Hotel, check out the bundle, which also includes 6 other sweet titles.


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