The Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle: Don’t miss this one!

Our new Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle has raised the bar for all other app bundles in 2015!  Here’s why:

  • 6 of the apps cost more by themselves than the entire bundle!
  • 7 of the apps have never been in a bundle before (in their current version, which represents a paid upgrade from previous versions)

Of course you’ll enjoy over $400 of savings with the Ultra-Premium bundle, but what makes it truly compelling is the quality of the lineup. These apps aren’t just some of the most highly rated and sought after on the platform, they seldom see any discounts of any kind.


You can learn more about the apps on the bundle page, but we wanted to take a minute to tell you why we think these apps are so great:

ScreenFlow 5 – If you’re familiar with screencasting, you already own ScreenFlow (or just bought it in our bundle!). For more casual users, ScreenFlow’s $100 price tag might sound intimidating but it speaks to the quality of the app: ScreenFlow is a powerful tool that all professionals rely on to quickly create recordings of their screen.


ScreenFlow is the obvious tool of choice for anyone needing to create polished product demonstrations, but casual users will also appreciate its capabilities, whether it’s to create a quick tutorial to show a family member how to perform a task on their Mac, or you’re looking to record your awesome gameplay to share with friends.

ScreenFlow 5 was just released in October and is now capable of recording your iPhone or iPad’s display, too.

Things 2 – Things is one of the top-rated and most-loved task managers for the Mac, and it almost never goes on sale (this is the first bundle it’s been a part of). With a user interface that’s as easy to use as it is beautiful, Things will help you get on top of everything you need to get done, and it syncs seamlessly with the optional iOS version of Things, so you can carry its power in your pocket.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – Civilization has been one of the legendary names in strategy/simulation gaming for more than 20 years, with an intelligent, comprehensive, and immersive experience like none other. Beyond Earth is the latest installment in the series and takes the Civilization V experience and gameplay to outer space where your decisions will chart the way forward for all mankind.


Beyond Earth is played on the Steam platform, which makes for easy multiplayer matches against your Mac or Windows friends.

Data Rescue 4 – To be perfectly honest: we hope you never have to use this app. 🙂 But if disaster strikes your drive—or you inadvertently delete a file you didn’t mean to—you’ll be really happy you have a copy of Data Rescue 4.

There are a lot of “data recovery” utilities on the market these days and it can be hard to make sense of which is the best, which is why we took the guesswork out by including what is hands-down the most capable product on the market.


Not only does Data Rescue 4 pack the best algorithms and processes for salvaging your data (developed entirely in-house and unavailable in any other tool), your license also includes complimentary U.S.-based telephone support, so you can have an expert by your side when you’re attempting to avert disaster and recover the files that mean so much to you.

One quick note: to use Data Rescue 4 on your boot drive, you’ll need to boot from another volume. You can create your own with a 16GB USB flash drive (the faster the better), or you can buy a sleek Data Rescue 4 USB drive for just $15.

ExpanDrive 4 – This is one of those no-brainer utilities that once incorporated into your workflow will leave you wondering how you ever did without it. What ExpanDrive does is take any of your cloud storage accounts (Dropbox, Box, S3, Google Drive, etc.) and allows you to work with them as if they were an external drive: no need to sacrifice local storage space on account of syncing or for any client apps of those services to be running.

Just fire up ExpanDrive, log in to your cloud account, and you’ll be able to access and work with all your cloud files like they were on a USB drive. Simple and elegant, just the way your Mac likes it.

AfterShot Pro 2 – This is a fast and capable RAW photo editor (RAW is a format digital SLR and higher-end point-and-shoot cameras support, and it’s higher quality than the usual JPG). Even if you already own a copy of Aperture or Photoshop LightRoom, you might still find yourself turning to AfterShot Pro for quick and easy edits. If your a casual photographer with a camera capable of shooting in RAW, AfterShot Pro will help you unleash the best from your photos and this superior format.

Typed – This new text editor’s emphasis helps you focus on your writing with a beautiful, minimalist interface. Full Markdown support also makes it ideal for bloggers, with the ability to preview and generate HTML for you.


SnapSelect – If you’re like us, you probably have dozens of similar photos in your phone or your camera’s memory card. SnapSelect is a new app that allows you to quickly and easily pick out the best ones, so you can ditch the rest.

No matter which way you slice it—even if you need even just 1 or 2 of the apps—we’re sure you’ll agree our Ultra-Premium bundle delivers some of the most compelling apps ever assembled in a Mac app bundle.

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