Take unlimited online courses with Shaw Academy — for under $100

Like the sun rising in the East or the Golden State Warriors winning an NBA title, some events in life seem thoroughly automatic and eternal. One such guarantee: there’s always a new skill coming to revolutionize your professional life.

Whether it’s new software, a new discipline or even an entirely new field to explore, you’ll invariably reach an “adapt or die” fork in the road that is your career. You likely won’t know the new talent you’ll need to master until it’s staring you in the eye, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start hedging your bets now.

Why take a simple online course when you can instead lineup the resources of an entire cyber-academy, staffed with useful classes and seasoned expert instructors ready to teach you dozens of new skills whenever you like?

Join Shaw Academy — and you can become a lifelong student in this jam-packed online institute now at the massively discounted one-time price of just $99.

What Is Shaw Academy

Sporting a roster of over 4 million students, Shaw Academy is home to a series of video-intensive, interactive courses led by some of the experts in their field. Shaw Academy’s offerings run the gamut, offering dozens of classes ranging from financial investment and child nutrition to sales psychology and guitar basics.

Whether you’re diving into business methodology, web design or photography, your course employs engaging live webinars (or HD recordings to watch later) as well as other helpful learning resources. In addition to accomplished teachers, you’ll also have access to 24/7 support to help work your way through any of your webinars.

Earn a Diploma for Your New Skills

Finally, each course comes with an independently accredited diploma upon completion, proving your mastery as a valuable new resume item or during your next job interview.

This deal is the first time Shaw Academy has ever granted a lifetime student pass to its entire course catalog, which also includes access to new Shaw courses as they’re introduced. So learn at your own pace — because you’ve got all the time you need to finish everything.

Shaw Academy access routinely costs $40-$50 monthly, so get in on this package featuring almost $3,000 in courses for only $99.