5 iOS Apps You Need to Check Out this Week (August 8, 2014)

Earlier this week, I posted the first of our new series, where I curate the apps of the week that you should be looking out for. I think it went rather well. But hang on, woah…you’re an iOS user, and those were Android apps. Yeah, I know — fear not, I have your iDevice covered too!

Let’s kick off with a story…

80 Days ($4.99)


Phileas Fogg is surely one of the coolest dudes in literary history. Not only did he have an awesome name, he also went on an epic around-the-world trip before that kind of travel existed. This app retells his story in beautiful steampunk style, and it is somewhere between a game and an interactive novel. While guiding Fogg across the world, you’re playing against the in-game clock and your fellow players, but there’s time to see the sights as well.

Alter ($0.99)


You could easily pass over Alter and consign it to the “yet another to-do list app” pile, but it has a unique approach. Receive a message or email with instructions, and you can copy and paste the relevant text into Alter, which will then break it down into individual to-dos. Clearly this is a niche function, but if you regularly receive shopping lists on your way home from work, this app may help you out.

Clima ($0.99)


The minimalistic presentation of weather data seems to be a popular idea with developers at the moment, with a steady stream of visually similar apps being released over the past couple of years. Clima is another, but it stands out by providing a genuinely useful amount of data in a pretty interface. Another bonus is its ability to deliver worldwide forecasts, and use both Imperial and metric measurements.

Professor ($5.99, iPad-only)


The creatively named Professor is another app joining a packed genre — virtual synthesizers. This app holds no real surprises, but it’s Audiobus- and MIDI-ready, and can produce a wide range of sounds. I must praise the interface, though, which packs the vast array of modulation controls onto an iPad screen, while still maintaining good usability.

Angels In The Sky ($6.99)


This first-person alien flight-em-up is the first mobile app to use Unreal Engine 4, and the 3D graphics it serves up are pretty impressive. The action is also fast paced, and the controls are ridiculously simple — tilt to fly your craft, tap to shoot. Admittedly, it’s a shame that it’s a little on-rails, and I can’t say I approve of a $6.99 game offering in-app purchases. But even so, this is a decent casual blaster.

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