Win three years of free Spotify Premium—no seriously

Let’s all just concede that Spotify is pretty near indispensable, okay? If you love music, you love the treasure trove of musical options covering every conceivable genre, the ultra-individual playlist possibilities, and the social shareability of passing Spotify tracks on to your friends. If you’re not looking to strap a jukebox to your back every time you leave the house, Spotify is a brilliant, if not entirely superior, alternative (and your lower back will certainly thank you).

But—Spotify ain’t free. And even though it’s only $9.99 a month, that’s $9.99 that could be going to any number of other worthy ways to spend your hard-earned cash. Not to mention, the nickel-and-diming of subscribing to a handful of audio, video, and other online content providers is probably costing you as much as cable and the radio did back in the day.

Instead, we’d like to propose another option. Just win the 3 Years of Spotify Giveaway from StackSocial and you’re in the clear. Hang on to that $360 and still rip through the universe of Spotify Premium offerings like the Millennium Falcon at hyperspeed for the next three years.

All you’ve got to do is fill out the brief entry form (you can even log in through Facebook to save time) and that’s it—you’re officially in. No hoops…no complicated offers…just enter, cross your fingers, and think happy thoughts.

Don’t waste time. You’ve got to get your registration in by Nov. 16. Good luck!