Want to beat the Netflix price hike? Just win 5 years for FREE.

Well, look at that…just a few days ago, Netflix announced it’s raising the price for its most popular U.S. video streaming plan by 10 percent. Of course, that move comes on the heels of two previously delayed rate increases that were just finally added to the bills of longtime Netflix subscribers.

The point is that the cost of watching your favorite shows is going up. So how about instead you pay absolutely nothing for your Netflix service? Yeah, we said it. You get full Netflix privileges – five years of Netflix, in fact – and you don’t pay one single dime.

That’s the brass ring, people. And all you’ve got to do is win this 5 Years of Netflix Giveaway offered by StackSocial.

Just fill in some quick entry form information and you’re in the running to be the lucky winner. That’s $750 you’ll save while you still get to keep up on all the Netflix series you love. Whether it’s Narcos, The Crown, Stranger Things, Daredevil or BoJack Horseman, you got it. And that doesn’t even include the movies, standup specials, documentaries and everything else that makes a Netflix subscription such an embarrassment of riches.

While you’re at it, talk a buddy into signing up for the sweepstakes as well to double your own chances of winning. Hey, twice the chance is better than no chance at all, right?

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