Zubot Tranformers Are Built From Regular Hardware Store Parts

Owning a Transformer would be kinda useful. Especially for dealing with high school bullies. But the problem is that to turn a truck into a giant bipedal bodyguard requires some pretty remarkable welding skills. In contrast, Zubots — freshly launched on Kickstarter — are made entirely from the regular nuts and bolts you can find in your local hardware store. They also happen to look epically cool.


Okay, so these particular bots probably aren’t going to protect you from the world’s evil, but they are impressive nonetheless. Designed, ironically, by an engineering PhD candidate, the Zubots will come in four models, each around a foot tall/long and bearing a striking resemblance to machines in the Transformers films. For instance, The Warrior is an Optimus Prime lookalike, and The Scorpion does a good impression of Scorponok.

Considering the materials used, Wang has done a remarkable job. The Zubots all have flexible joints, and he has created mini “weapons” and “shields” with which the characters can protect themselves. As a nice added touch, the model known as The Fort doubles as a phone holder.

ZuBots Transformers 2

Wang’s idea is to turn his designs into self-assembly kits, the production of which is (hopefully) being funded by this Kickstarter pitch. For backers, those kits start at $99, with shipping commencing next May. At the time of writing, the project is literally only hours old, so it’s difficult to know what the uptake will be. If my geek sensors are functioning properly, however, I can’t imagine the Zubots will go unsupported.

You can see more photos and support the Kickstarter on the Zubots project page.

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