5 Steve Jobs Videos You Haven’t Seen


If you are an Apple/Steve Jobs fan, or entrepreneur in general, it’s safe to say you will LOVE these videos. Don’t let that turn you away however. Steve Jobs is an amazing human-being that everyone can learn from. If you have any desire to follow your passions (which you should) and perform at your highest level, these videos are worth your time…

#1 – Steve Jobs Predicts the Future

This revolutionary keynote from Steve in 1997 highlights his genius. Steve understood the marketplace as well as his company’s competitive position. Looking back on this talk now we can see how Jobs predicted the future and then busted his butt to make that future happen. Since this day in 1997 Steve worked non stop to make these dreams in this talk become a reality. Thank you Steve for your contribution to mankind. The world is a better place because of your contributions.


  • See how Steve fully understands both his company and ecosystem
  • See how Jobs hints at and understands what will happen in the future
  • Watch Jobs quickly analyze situations and choose his words carefully
  • Learn how Steve Jobs focused by saying “No” (less is more)

#2 – This is how Steve Jobs pitches a startup!

Steve is unlike any CEO of our time. Watching him in these videos is like watching highlights of Michael Jordan. There is nothing like watching a master at his craft and there is so much to take away for all you entrepreneurs out there. 


  • Watch Steve pitch his startup (NeXT)
  • See the master break down both his customers and his competitors
  • Learn how to pitch with clarity
  • See how deep his understanding of problem, solution, industry, and customer was

#3 – Steve at NeXT

This video shows Steve participating in a real life meeting. NeXT was Jobs startup at the time which was experiencing common issues frequently faced by young entrepreneurs and businesses. Steve eventually made it work and NeXT was purchased by Apple bringing Jobs back to the company he co-founded. Talk about a person being ahead of their time…


  • Unique behind the scenes view of Steve and his startup
  • See what a startup brainstorming session really looks like
  • Learn what challenges Steve had with the company

#4 – Steve talks at a meetup

Again, classic Jobs. He talks about the beginning of Apple and how it came to pass. He is opinionated, young, cocky, and brilliant. Image if a guy like this walked into a meetup today; what would people think? Just sit back and listen to a genius at a raw, young age.  


  • See Steve spit knowledge at an old school meetup
  • Vintage footage that most people have not seem

#5 – Steve unveils the iPod

Ok, so maybe this video is not so secret, but it’s too important to avoid possibly missing out on. This was the major moment that set Apple on a world changing trajectory. Have you heard of the iPod? 


  • See the moment where Steve saved Apple
  • See how Steve pitches the iPod
  • The biggest game-changing release in Apple history


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