Apple Announces March 9 Event, Opens iWork in the Cloud to All

It’s been a quiet few months in Cupertino. At least, it has looked that way from the outside. But the sleeping giant seems, finally, to be coming out of winter hibernation. After recently releasing an early version of the new Photos app for OS X, Apple has now sent media invites out for a Keynote event, entitled “Spring Forward”, on March 9. The assumption is that it will be the Apple Watch big reveal — but what else might we see?

With Apple, there is no telling what format such a presentation will take, of course. As such, some commentators speculate that the entire Keynote might be dedicated to the new wristwear. That seems possible, given how important this new category of device is to Apple, but it would be a first.

It is more likely, however, that other, more minor releases will be slotted in. The Macbook Air is due a redesign, and the assumption must be that the forthcoming Beats-built music streaming service is approaching fruition.

To find out exactly what Mr. Cook has for us, tune in to Apple’s event page at 10 a.m. PDT on the big day.

Extra Time — iWork for iCloud is now available on any device

In an unusual outbreak of open-mindedness, Apple has also just put the web version of its iWork suite on the full version of iCloud, meaning that anyone with an Apple account can use the apps on any desktop device. Previously, it was included in the OS X Mavericks-only iCloud beta, but now, it would appear that Apple wants to make its online presence more accessible. For those of us with more than one operating system in our possession, it is a welcome step.

Head over to to give it a try.

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