Firefox for iOS Is on the Way

Twitter isn’t normally the place to pick up the last word on anything. But when the Release Manager of Firefox tweets, you can be fairly sure he isn’t speculating about the browser he works on. Yesterday, Lukas Blakk sent out this to the world, and made many Firefox fans very happy.

It came off the back of a Mozilla get-together in Portland, where there was more talk of how to get the venerable browser condensed into acceptable App Store form. This is a turnaround for Mozilla, as previously, the not-for-profit organization seemed reluctant to bend to Apple’s heavy restrictions on browsers — Google has to use its own workarounds to make Chrome function properly on iOS at all. However, as Blakk’s tweet suggests, there has clearly been a change of heart towards making Firefox available to more users.

No details or delivery date are known, but I for one would be glad to see Mozilla’s browser on every major platform.

Extra Time — Wire Is the New Skype, Backed by the Former Skype


There seem to be quite a few would-be Skype-killers on the loose at the moment. Wire has something a little different, though. It doesn’t have video calling yet, but it has been built using brand new protocols which can carry high definition audio, and do so with far greater stability than Skype’s outdated technology. Most tellingly of all, it is financially backed by a Skype co-founder.

Just released on iOS, Android and Mac, Wire also offers instant messaging with numerous integrations (incl. Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.), and a “Ping” function, which allows you to notify people without having to call or type. The other major thing to notice is the design. It’s not something you’d normally prioritize with a VOIP app, but here it stands out due to its sheer beauty and usability.

Visit Wire’s website to check out the apps.

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