Flipboard is growing FAST. Here are the Top 6 Flipboards for Techies

We know that as StackSocial users you are always interested in finding the coolest products and ideas in one place. Well, Flipboard may just be that place. Flipboard is a single place to discover, collect and share all of the news that you care about, and it is is growing… fast. In fact, Flipboard almost doubled their users from March to November of 2013 with over 90 million registered users. It is the ultimate information discovery tool. Just as people used to (and still do) flip through various print magazines in convenience shops and book stores across the country to discover new content, now that ability is right at everyone’s fingertips! So, we thought we would put together some of the most awesome Flipboards out there, just for you. If you don’t have it, you can download FlipBoard app on your phone or tablet by clicking here.

Before we give you the full list, we wanted to let you know that we have launched our own Flipboard. Follow our page by clicking here. (https://flip.it/pOe3C)

Now, without further ado, here are the top flipboards for tech enthusiasts and StackSocial customers. Search for them within the app and give them a follow!

#1. StackSocial          


We are constantly updating new content to bring you all the news that you want. We are adding 10-15 articles a day and we want to give you the chance to read them all! Subscribe here! https://flip.it/pOe3C

#2. Mobile and Tech Flip Your Geek

This is your go to Flipboard (besides StackSocial of course) for all of your Tech/Geek needs! https://flip.it/j4umf 

#3. The Verge

Count on these guys to bring you a wide array of content, from cool tech news, to hot political and economic intrigue. https://flip.it/w4vp6

#4. Big Ideas

Covering and celebrating the people and innovations changing the world. https://flip.it/jeTBU

#5. Cult of Mac

Everything Apple and Mac related – whether technology, political, or even lifestyle related! https://flip.it/bK1Zn

#6. The Futurist Feed

Constantly searching on the cutting edge advances happening all over the world. https://flip.it/SpoZUt

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