Some Genius Just Created a Handheld Paper Airplane Cannon

Buzzing paper airplanes around class was always an amusing inappropriate way of spending the school day*. You just had to cope with the limitations — folding the aircraft took for ever, and take-off only had a success rate of about 10%. So major kudos goes to Dieter Michael Krone, who has automated the whole process in his 3D-printed paper airplane cannon.

Yes, you read that right. And as you can see from the slightly creepy video, it works beautifully. To figure out what’s going on, it helps to use YouTube’s in-built speed settings (click the cog in the bottom-right of the video). A paper feeder pushes each sheet through a series of carefully shaped fold-makers, before a kind of belt flywheel fires the newly manufactured aircraft out of the front. It’s definitely an ingenious contraption, but the key is the creator’s background — he runs a site (German) about paper airplanes, and has even written a book on the subject.

The sad part of this story is that there is no news on whether he plans to release the 3D design for this brilliant weapon. So, for the time being, we’re just going to have to look on in envy.

*Seriously kids, do your school work properly. You might even make it to working at Stack one day…

Via: Reddit

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