How Jamf Now Is Making Management of Apple Devices Simple

Running a small business has never been easier in the modern age of smartphones and consumer-level laptops. For the price of a MacBook or an iPhone, a student or employee can navigate a rich tapestry of your company’s information, instruction, and leadership — provided you can effectively manage their experience. Jamf designed software for that exact purpose, to give you a central place to do all of the above on a budget.

Imagine it: you hand out phones, tablets or laptops, and with zero friction, everyone in the room can just open the box, turn the device on, and get straight to work. No complex instructions to follow, no weird downloads, no learning curve: if they know how to use a computer, they’re ready to dive right in at maximum productivity. That’s what Jamf Now offers, and that’s what makes it great for companies and employees. 

With Jamf Now, you will benefit from easy deployment, device and app management, device settings, inventory, and security — important aspects for any organization. 

You’ll be able to enforce a passcode on all devices, enable FileVault 2 on Mac devices, remote lock or wipe any device to guarantee lost or stolen gadgets don’t turn into a security risk and more. Jamf Now enables you to easily protect what needs protecting while maintaining the native feel of all your Apple devices.

If left unmanaged, computers and mobile phones are more of an inconvenience than a problem solver, more confusing and irritating than convenient and revolutionary. With Jamf Now and just a little administrative elbow grease, you can maximize the potential of the supercomputers in your pocket, and use these absolute marvels to launch your business, classroom, or project to the next level of innovation. 

Jamf Now will manage 3 devices for you free of charge, and you’ll only pay $2 per month for each additional device – try it with zero risks by signing up for free today.