Instagram’s Hyperlapse Makes Mobile Timelapsing a Breeze

Photo sharing is so 2012. Thanks to Vine and Instagram, short video clips were the fresh new medium of last year; this year, Instagram is taking things a step further. The Facebook-owned network’s new iOS app, Hyperlapse (free), seems destined to make timelapse photography the Next Big Thing in mobile creativity.

The new app focuses on the niche after which it was named — a hyperlapse is a timelapse that includes some form of camera movement throughout. When executed properly, the effect is dynamic and enthralling, and it has been used to capture everything from ancient monuments to music videos. However, making this kind of short film has traditionally required a tripod, plenty of patience and a considerable amount of arithmetic. With Hyperlapse, the brains at Instagram have attempted to cut out such difficulties by making your iDevice’s processor do all the thinking.

The only on-screen control is the record button, and creating your timelapse is no different from taking a standard video. With your footage in the bag, the only editing variable that can be adjusted is the speed of the playback, with up to 12 times normal speed on offer. The best setting here is largely dependent on how much movement there is in frame, and how fast you move the iPhone or iPad. With this dealt with, your hyperlapse is saved and ready for Instagram or Facebook.

It’s a workflow that is designed to go unnoticed. As with all the best innovations in digital imaging, Hyperlapse allows those with creative ability to forget about the technical stuff, and just make great work. Revolutionary? Nothing like it —  it’s just a great app for making timelapses. But expect to see plenty of time-warping video in your Instagram feed soon.

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