iPhone Pranks – The Top 5 iPhone Tricks for Halloween

Halloween is here and since our metabolisms have grown too slow too gorge out on treats, below are a couple fun iPhone pranks you can play on your family and friends iPhones. We’ll start out slow with a few practical jokes and progress up to some gems that might have your pals taking a trip to the Apple Store.

Unresponsive Icons

This one is pretty simple. Just snap a screenshot of the victims home screen. Move all their icons to an alternative page (preferably all the way to the left or the right) and then set the home screen background to the screenshot with all their icons.

Sit back and watch them poke their phone mercilessly.

¿Cómo se dice, Siri?

Siri is incredibly multilingual and it would be a shame for her talents to go to waste. Head to Settings > General > Siri > Language and select from dozens of languages and dialects to throw an iPhone user for a loop.

Watching your friend interact with Mandarine speaking Siri is so much more entertaining than English Siri.

Say What!?

Getting into the more serious iPhone pranks, let’s change SMS shortcuts to phrases the victim most definitely wouldn’t want to say. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. Pick a common response (you probably know the individuals commonly used terms). Enter that phrase into the “Shortcut” field and then enter something hilarious into the “Phrase” field. For example, I have a buddy that commonly responds “ok”. Pretty rude right? I changed up his shortcuts so every time he responded with an “ok” his phone would say “I know this sounds weird, but I want to kiss you romantically…” Here are some of the awesome possibilities with this one:

Friend: Can you pick up a couple cold ones?
Victim: I know this sounds weird, but I want to kiss you romantically…

Mom: Can you please pick up some milk on your way home?
Victim: I know this sounds weird, but I want to kiss you romantically…

Boss: I’m gonna need those TPS reports by EOD.
Victim: I know this sounds weird, but I want to kiss you romantically…

Obviously you can keep things light and fun with this one, but can make it pretty brutal as well. Either way, let the hilarity ensue!

Photo Fun

One of my favorite practical jokes throughout my life has been taking obscure photos on a random camera. Now every phone is a camera so there has been a 10000% increase in accessibility. As one could imagine, you can get pretty creative with this.

Nothing says Happy Halloween like finding a random picture in your phone of a creepy doll holding a disconcerting personalized note. Have at!

Language Fun Part Deuce

I actually did this to myself when testing out the steps and it’s definitely not a fun prank to rectify. Hop on the victim’s phone and go to Settings > General > International > Language and choose from a vast number of languages. I suggest selecting a language with far different characters for the most fun.

Good luck trying to navigate your phone back to English when your iPhone is in Sanskrit.

There you have it. We suggest using these in good fun with people who aren’t too uptight. Halloween is the perfect time to put these into action or keep them in mind for April Fools Day.

Have fun!





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