Learn Spanish, French & Many More Languages Online with uTalk

There’s no way around it: learning a new language takes time and money. Becoming fluent means spending tons of time practicing and studying, usually over several weeks and months. Most of us don’t feel like we can squeeze that into our busy lives or even afford it…so we skip it altogether.

But what if you’re finally going on your dream trip to Paris?! Or you’re suddenly needing to speak another language at work? This amazing deal from language learning app uTalk will get you up to speed faster than ever for as low as $19.99 — that’s a savings of up to 90 percent! 

Plus, uTalk makes learning a new language easy! It’s not your high school Spanish class where you memorized useless vocabulary for hours on end. Utalk teaches you real-world vocabulary that you’ll actually use.

And you can learn it conveniently on your smartphone, tablet or other favorite devices. The courses, led by native speakers and featuring fun games, help you quickly learn basic words and phrases you can start using right away.

Simply put, you can learn a new language fast and on your own schedule. You can choose from more than 130 languages — and it’s only $19.99 for all the instruction and materials you’ll need. Or you can learn more languages (and save more) with a six-language package, including American English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Latin American Spanish ($29.99).

Meanwhile, the truly adventurous can really load up with a 12-language European bundle ($49.99) or a 22-language mega-pack of European and Asian languages ($99.99). At savings of more than 90 percent, now’s the time to pick up the training, then dive in when it works best for you.