Bullet-Time Slowmos Are Now Affordable With the fps1000

When a new camera is announced, there are usually a whole lot of numbers to take in — megapixels, sensor size, etc. Not so with the fps1000. As the name suggests, it is all about recording video at ridiculous frame rates, which means endless fun making bullet-time slowmos. More impressive still, when the fps1000 goes on sale next year, it will set you back less than $600.


Such high frame rates aren’t uncommon in large, expensive camcorders, but to see them in a GoPro-sized camera at this price is something new. With funding already secured on Kickstarter, the fps1000 will come in three versions when it ships next year — Silver, Gold and Platinum. Folks who are allergic to bling needn’t fret, as the only physical differences between the versions are internal. All three models can shoot video from 850-16,500fps, but the range is a sliding scale of resolution, internal memory and retail price.

The Silver, priced at £350 (approx. $561), comes with 16GB of storage and can shoot at up to VGA resolution, although this drops as the frame rate rises. The Gold is nearly double the price at £649 ($1043), but it provides a 32GB memory and a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024. Meanwhile, the Platinum will set you back £999 ($1605), and simply offers a jump to 2560 x 2048 — truly pro-level specs at a truly pro-level price.

However, returning to the more affordable end of the fps1000 range, the ability to record slowmos for a reasonable price will bring untold joy to bootstrapping filmmakers and Mythbusters everywhere. I mean, just look at the sample footage…


If you’d like to help the fps1000 project out, have a look at the Kickstarter campaign, where (at the time of writing) there are also some early bird discounts still available.

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