Lumera Plugs Crazy Functionality Into Your DSLR

It’s crazy, but your phone actually has in-built features for taking photos that most DSLRs can only dream about. Of course, the “proper” camera has a sweet sensor and lens, but it can’t do HDR, timelapses, photo backup or (in most cases) GPS, without some outside assistance. Lumera is one such helpful aid currently doing the Kickstarter thing, but it packs all those features and more into one plugin box.

It is definitely a peripheral that adds some bulk to your camera, but it brings a whole lot of functionality, too. Attached via the camera’s tripod mount, the Lumera has a GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two USB ports, a processor and an OLED display. Between all this tech, some seriously clever stuff can happen.

For instance, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow Lumera and its sister app (iOS/Android) to talk, giving you full manual remote control over your camera and the option to watch a live view on your phone. However, it also brings far more advanced features, such as the ability to configure timelapses, and bracketing for HDR blending.


Still, there is more. Hook up two DSLRs together via USB, one with a Lumera attached, and the box will do the necessary processing for 3D imagery. Connect the Lumera to a storage device, and it will make a backup of your photos straight from your camera. And because the hardware and software are open source, many more functions are likely to be developed.


In total, what the Lumera lacks in terms of looks and compactness, it more than makes up for with pure technology. Given that the price is under $199 CAD (approx. $175 USD) for Kickstarter backers, it’s definitely a project worth checking out.

See the Kickstarter page for more.

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