How to organize your inbox with the #1 email client

Is there a more ambivalent moment than when you hear the cheerful ping of a new email landing in your inbox? On one hand, there’s mystery, excitement, even a mild adrenaline surge that happens at the anticipation of new correspondence. On the other — there’s dread that, in all likelihood, it’s another task you’ll now need to get done.

With so much emotion attached to the state of your inbox, it’s always a good idea to have all your various work and personal email accounts and apps working in complete unison. That’s where Mailbird Pro comes in. Right now, you can get your hands on this feature-packed email manager at a third of its regular price — just $14.99.

How to Organize Your Inbox with Mailbird

Mailbird is the app that Windows Support calls “quite possibly the simplest email client to use for Windows.” Mailbird allows you to close that cluster of open windows and screens and find all your emails expertly organized in one elegantly streamlined interface.

Control is the keyword with Mailbird. Once you’ve collected your various accounts and integrated all your social and chat communication apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, LinkedIn and a dozen others, you’ve got ultimate control. You’ll decide where your incoming mail gets sorted, the colors and notification sounds associated with every correspondence, even which ones to “snooze” until you’re ready to take them on.

For Mailbird users, customization is king. You can create different profiles and signatures for instant use with different accounts, so your old college buddies don’t get the same stiff corporate ID that your business associates receive.

Mailbird’s powerful search features help you find emails or attachments in seconds. There’s a fully-integrated speed reader tool to help you zip through emails quickly. There’s even a brilliantly useful “Undo Send” feature, which allows you to set a delay between the instant you hit the “Send” button and when your mail actually leaves your email box. Now, when you accidentally hit “Reply All,” Mailbird will let you catch your mistake and correct it before dozens are dragged into your one-on-one conversation.

With this limited time price drop, you can get Mailbird Pro service for life (a $45 value) and save $30 while the deal lasts.