Looks like there’s a new Apple USB power adapter on its way, too

Amidst all of the news surrounding the upcoming release of the iPhone 6, here’s a quick little tidbit that, while packing less of an impact, is still worth noting. Based on pictures shared by a user on Weibo, it looks like Apple is updating the USB power charger used with its cables and devices.

Although some people were quick to point out that the unit was the same one currently available to Apple users in Australia, the prongs match U.S. standards, indicating that Apple appears to be bringing that design to the United States.

All in all, it’s just a plug, but it’s always good to see updates, even to “minor” pieces of technology. What are your thoughts?

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  1. August 24, 2014

    Looks like the width is smaller, which should hopefully allow more space on plug outlets.

  2. DR234
    August 24, 2014

    Looks like it could be used across all iDevices. iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. In steady of having the two different ones one smaller shipped with iPhones/iPods and the bigger one shipped with iPads. They both were the same price already at $19.00 so it would only make sense to get rid of those for this individual. Mostly because if somebody would replace one they probably just got the bigger 12v one instead of the 5v one especially with them both at $19.

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