New Tech: Digital Lighter Guilts Smokers Into Quitting

Quitbit is a new approach to stop the filthy habit of smoking. It’s a sleek looking lighter that essentially shames smokers every time they light up. Here’s a quick 2 minute video that explains Quitbit in detail: People who have poor habits also have trouble looking at the reality of the situation. Spenders hate to look at their bank account, overweight people wear loose fitting clothes or avoid the pool. If individuals have a constant reminder of their poor habits, they’ll be less likely to continue. Don’t believe me? Take a picture of you in your bathing suit and look at it while you attempt to enjoy a bowl of ice cream. Quitbit is currently on KickStarter. Here’s the link if you interested in learning more about the product or if you would like to back it:


  1. Rik
    May 22, 2014

    The way my lighter is borrowed by randomers in the street I would be permanently editing it in the mobile app – the timewasting frustration of that may make people want to quit – but only using that useless lighter – not smoking.

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