Apple recently released OS X Yosemite beta, but should you get it?

Apple recentIy released OS X Yosemite beta, but if you’re considering downloading it, think twice. According to a slashgear article that we came across, you might want to hold off and wait until the final release. It’s not that the operating system itself is weak in any way, but if you’re an average user, you should not go rushing in to downloading this particular build at this particular time. The reasons you should avoid this Beta are simple.

At this time, OS X Yosemite’s only public build is being sent out for developers specifically. If you’re not a developer, the only strong reason for you to be downloading the build is if you’re an Apple software addict – or if you just want to jam the fact that you have Yosemite in the faces of your friends, like a Sunny in Philadelphia character.

Those of you without a lot of spare time to fix issues and work with an operating system that doesn’t always work with your average app-using schedule, we’d recommend shying away for now. Apple’s OS X Yosemite is neat – you can see it in our OS X Yosemite Beta Preview – but it’s not stable enough for the public right now.

Use caution, wait, and enjoy the OS you’ve got now. Yosemite will be released “This Fall” according to Apple – that’ll be sooner than you think. Until then, we’ll be keeping you informed on when more stable builds arrive and will let you know if it makes sense to jump in on a later Beta when stabilization comes.

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  1. dpacemaker
    July 25, 2014

    I am using it now, and was using the Developers Build earlier this week. I completely disagree with your article, as a average user this build is perfectly stable to use on a daily machine. If you do a lot of heavy work with third party apps I would say hold off, as some apps are not compatible yet. The average user isn’t a power user, and will be fine using this build. Continuity and handoff work flawlessly with iOS8 in this build, where in previous builds it was a hit or miss feature.

  2. George McIntyre
    July 25, 2014

    I completely agree with dpacemaker. I’ve been using the Developers Build for a month now, and still haven’t discovered any problems, even with big apps.

  3. Jeff Krueger
    July 25, 2014

    Agreeing with the other two. No issues using the Build yet and have thrown a lot at it.

  4. Marco
    July 26, 2014

    I used it for about 4 days, using an external drive, and the only issue i found is mysql that doesn’t starts at boot. My usual apps seems to work. So i’ll move from mavericks in the next days.

  5. Jason Roper
    July 26, 2014

    I’ve been using it for the last 48 hours and I am a power user. So far I’ve had ONE hang. That’s it! Being honest, this beta build brings very little actual functionality change for the ‘average’ user other than iCloud Folders (which are great to finally access by the way!). The main change most users will be affected by are the aesthetics, new icons, transparency, etc. Other than that, other changes are under the hood out of sight or access to most users. So I too completely disagree with this article. This beta is fine, stable and doesn’t really upset anyone’s apple cart. Obviously it IS still a beta so there may be Unfound problems. It to be frank, Apple wouldn’t make a beta so horrifically unstable and Unuseable for ‘public’ testing as I’ve found in the past with the likes of Microsoft, Linux, etc. Because it’s still their public and their image. One final comment. This is NOT a developer beta, it’s a PUBLIC beta and as such, if you’ve ever been a developer, you’ll know there are significant differences in the delivered code. So again shame on you stacksocial for misleading readers.

  6. nathanphotographer
    July 26, 2014

    If you think there are no bugs go here: I downloaded and installed it on an external, but since my work depends on it, I’m waiting to put it on my main Mac. It is pretty, but after reading this forum, I’m waiting. Plus, I depend too much on iCloud, which Apple recommends not activating iCloud drive.

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