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Time management is paramount for startups like StackSocial. If you want your business to thrive, or even your career, efficient time management is the cornerstone to success. Knowledge and skills just don’t cut it in todays competitive job market; motivation, efficiency, effort, and drive is what will separate you from the rest. 

Our biggest enemy is ourselves. It’s just too easy to stray away from a task to check Facebook, Twitter, sports scores, shop, upon hundreds of other distractions accessible from the same screen as our work.

Task/time management is crucial and is more in depth than you may think. We recommend checking out David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” to tap into an industry leading task management system/philosophy. In the meantime, here is a great little tip to make sure you are handling your tasks in a timely fashion. 

Meet one of our favorite Mac Apps: Alinof Timer. This little on screen gadget will simply help you get more done by leveraging the immense power of FOCUS.

Here are a couple tips on how to maximize this awesome tool:

  • Kick off the day by writing down all your to-dos.
  • Assign reasonable time blocks to your tasks. (i.e. 30 minutes of outbound sales emails)
  • Set the Alinof Timer at the start of your task and get crankin’!

Once you set the timer and press the start button, you MUST promise yourself you will do nothing besides focus completely on the task at hand. Do not respond to emails, check Facebook, etc. You can do these thing between tasks, but when the timer is going you must be 100% focused.

Focus is crucial. Surfing the web will not make you more money. Be mindful of your work and give it your sole attention. Not only will you increase your efficiency, but your proficiency as well. 

Check out this quick video tutorial on how to utilize the Alinof Timer:

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