SXSW Interactive, it’s spring break for nerds.

It’s spring break for college students everywhere and its spring break for the tech world! Unlike the flocks of 20-year-olds boarding flights to Cabo, entrepreneurs and techies are heading to Austin, Texas for the festival of all things innovative and emerging, South by Southwest.  The festival, made famous by its incredible headlining musical acts, has also been a Mecca for young companies looking to make a splash at South by Southwest Interactive (don’t you dare call it a tradeshow). In 2007 Twitter made a huge publicity launch at the festival.  Last year was all about the group messaging services; this year it looks as if mobile apps such as Highlight are stealing the limelight.

Interactive, which has been endearingly nicknamed “spring break for nerds” is one of the best networking opportunities for entrepreneurs in the country.  With over 20,000 participants and 1,000 panels, the techie festival serves as a weekend community of idea sharing and brainstorming.  It’s events like this that prove that the American start-up culture is on the rise.  People with great ideas are looking for the best ways to turn them into profitable companies and the idea of the entrepreneur is rapidly changing and evolving.

Along with the emergence of this community of entrepreneurs have come many different books and philosophies of the best way to run a start-up. On the forefront of start-up advice is Eric Ries, author of The Lean Start-Up and propagator of the “fail fast” methodology. We are offering a video course based off his book for $150. Check out Eric and the online series here.

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