Taking 3D Videos and Photos Is Now Affordable With Kúla

You know, 3D video is getting pretty good now. It’s not like you even have to endure headaches from squinting at two nearly-identical people in different colors any more. At times, you can even be fooled into thinking that a three-dimensional object is filling the screen in front of you. The only problem is, taking videos and photos in that format is really quite tricky — unless you have a Kúla. Check it out…

This lens splitter, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, uses a kind of horizontal periscope system of mirrors to split incoming light into the two halves needed for 3D media. It comes in two sizes, suited to phones (the “Bebe”) and DSLR lenses (the “Deeper”) respectively, and for such an apparently crude system, it works fairly well. Just as importantly for creative folk, it is priced very affordably — a pledge of around $28 will get you the Bebe, and approximately $98 secures the Deeper.

Kúla has also developed an app specifically for the splitter, which makes for both accurate 3D representations, and a good variety of output options, including the company’s own Stereoscope. The ‘scope — which comes with both the Bebe and the Deeper — is a kind of personal viewer, which you place against your smartphone’s screen. You then fire up the app, which displays the two parts of your captured image in perfect 3D. That also makes reviewing what you’ve captured a whole lot quicker than it would normally be.

While the Kúla can’t match a proper 3D camera, at this price it doesn’t need to. I reckon it could be the Lensbaby of 3D, and that sounds like a cool, popular product.

For more information and previews of the Kúla, have a look at the Kickstarter page.

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