Unlock Everything That Needs Unlocking Handsfree with Everykey

Touch ID is clearly a great time-saving innovation…for iPhone users. But there are plenty of everyday systems we all use that require a password or a security card for entry. This is tedious. Everykey is a bracelet that cuts out this unnecessary hassle by automatically unlocking things, like your computer, when it is in close proximity. This is clever.

As with many Bluetooth “tags”, the bracelet connects to any previously paired device. When you and the Everykey move within a pre-defined range, it unlocks whatever you want access to — it’s like those electronic keys that come with expensive sedans. But this bracelet works with everything from smart door locks, to your Facebook password, so it really cuts down on your barriers to entry. When you walk away, everything relocks.

It sounds like a potential security car-crash, but the measures to prevent disaster are pretty impressive. All Bluetooth communications made by the bracelet utilize 128-bit (aka military-grade) encryption, and the Bluetooth message sent out by the Everykey each second is different from the last, so there is no way of breaking the code. Should you lose it, you can cancel it like a credit card, while retaining your passwords on Everykey’s system.

The hardware is interesting, too. Rather than use standard Bluetooth, the team behind Everykey has created an energy-saving variant, which allows the bracelet to communicate with multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time — pretty important for a catch-all digital key. If this technology spreads, it will make Bluetooth a lot more useful, as well.

The eventual retail price of Everykey will be around $100, but Kickstarter backers can pick one up for $35 at the time of writing. Check out the project page for more info.

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