5 iOS Apps You Need to Check Out this Week (August 13, 2014)

It’s that time of year again. This week, we learnt that Apple are running a little event on September 9, and it might have something to do with new hardware. Hmm, intriguing. Probably nothing to do with the (alleged) leaks of the upcoming iPhone 6…

Anyway, until there’s new hardware to talk about, let me entertain and inform you with this week’s roundup of App Store news…

Tasklinks ($0.99; early-bird discount)


This digital organizer has been knocking around the App Store for some time, and it is horribly underrated. While it offers effective email/calendar/tasks/contact/file/project organization all in one app, it has never been the prettiest app in the productivity genre. However, that issue has been ironed out with this version 2.0 update, which brings with it practical controls and a stunning interface.

Holler (free)


The concept behind Holler is simple. Rather than call someone in the hope that they will (a) pick up, (b) have the time to talk, and (c) have the necessary information at their disposal, you can send a quick message to their phone, detailing the time you need and what you want to talk about. Of course, in many situations, this will be unnecessary, but if you need to ask a colleague about something specific (for example), I can see Holler being very useful.

Rules! ($1.99)

You don’t have to look that hard to find a beautifully designed puzzle game in the App Store, but here’s another for good measure. Filled to the brim with adorable illustrated creatures, Rules! provides simple instructions as to how you should clear the grid. These get progressively more complicated as you rise through the levels, but the fun is essentially in competing with your friends and soaking up the game’s charm.

Yo (free)


If you haven’t yet taken to or heard of Yo, let me explain — it’s an app that lets you send the two-letter exclamation to anyone in your contact list who also has the app. Pointless in theory, but in practice, it is being used the world over as a kind of digital tap on the shoulder. This week’s major update has provided a significant improvement in the app’s functionality, as you can now include links in your virtual shout-outs, and add a photo to your profile.

Sketchbook Pro for iPad (free for this week only)


Finally, I have to point out Apple’s App of the Week. Autodesk’s Sketchbook has some serious heritage in terms of desktop digital drawing, and the iOS version lives up to the name. While many iPad artists will be happy to stick with the simplicity of Paper, Sketchbook Pro provides an impressive array of functionality, such as the 100 preset brushes and the ability to zoom up 2500%. And hey, it’s free this week, so you might as well download it and give it a go.

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