5 Secret iPhone Tricks You’ll Absolutely Love

Esquire recently published a great little list of little known (but very cool) things you can do with your iPhone. While their 10 iPhone tricks are good, we cut that in half to focus only on the best of the best. Here are our choices for the 5 iPhone tricks you should add to your daily agenda:

Better Vibrations

Use Settings–>Sounds–>Vibration–>Create New Vibration to create your own rhythm to use instead of Apple’s default vibrations. You can even create a different one for different types of notifications. If anyone manages to create a vibration that resembles a Phil Collins song, please be sure to share it with your friends at StackSocial.

Control the iPhone Camera with Headphones

You can use the “volume up” button on your earbuds to snap a pic on your camera. Pro tip: make sure your earbuds are plugged in or it won’t work. 🙂

Block Communication from Exes, Stalkers and Other Crazies

Click the “i” button in a call log or contact card and select “Block This Caller” to prevent any of their communication attempts from getting through. Very useful after breaking up with Taylor Swift (we’ve all been there).

Accelerate Charging Time

Disappointed in the battery life of your iPhone? Join the club. This tip will definitely help, though. If you’re on the go and in need of a quick charge, put your phone in Airplane Mode while charging. Perfect for when you’re showering before a long night out and need extra juice for late-night drunk dialing (or not).

Disable Text Message Previews

OK, this one is not a huge secret, but it can be a lifesaver. Go to Settings–>Notification Center–>Messages and turn “Show Preview” off. This will prevent your sexts from showing up on your lock screen, which should help avert awkward workplace scenarios.

Got favorite iPhone tricks you can’t live without? Share in the comments (pretty please).

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