5 Things That Cost the Same Amount as Our New Monster Mac Freebie Bundle

Big news, Stackers — we just launched the Monster Mac Freebie Bundle, and it’s just plain exquisite.

But what do we mean when we say “freebie” or “free?” Luckily for you, we’re here to clarify: you don’t have to pay a single cent for any of these apps. To make sure this is clear, we’ve gathered a quick collection of other items that are free. Enjoy.



Air is not only important for staying alive—it’s also completely free. How convenient!

A Baby’s SmileSmiling Baby

Awwww. Isn’t he adorable? While babies are by no means free (quite the opposite, in fact), seeing a baby smile currently has a market price of $free.99. Just try to forget that this little tyke will eventually become an awful teenager (pure hell!). Or that if you don’t give him his bah-bah, he’ll look like this guy.



“Love Don’t Cost a Thing” — not only was this the finest work of Nick Cannon’s illustrious acting career, it’s also a great piece of life advice. Love does not, as it turns out, cost a thing. Other than the dates. And gifts. And the wedding. And the inevitable divorce. And the antidepressants. And the convertible you eventually buy because “you just want to focus on being you for a while and not give a s#!% anymore.” Aside from all of those things, it’s 100% free.

 That U2 album for which Apple paid a ton of money to give to everyone and still managed to get complaints about

Free U2 Album

As part of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch, Apple gave everyone with iTunes a free U2 album. I’ll repeat: everyone with iTunes got an album from one of the best bands of all time, completely free of charge, all for doing absolutely nothing. Yet, because the internet is the internet, there were significant complaints.

Come on, people. It’ U2, not Nickleback. Worst case scenario, you’ve got non-embarrassing album in your iTunes that you didn’t put there yourself. It’s not like someone duked a Creed album into your music collection and you understandably want to scrub it from your iTunes account with a rusty SOS pad.

Hugs from this guyFree Hugs

What could possibly go wrong?


OK. At this point, you probably catch our drift. It’s time to grab the Monster Mac Freebie Bundle.

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