6 Awesome IFTTT Recipes You Need to Use

Are you using IFTTT (If This Then That)? You should be. It’s one of the most useful tools on the internet for automating everyday tasks and keeping you notified of everything you want to know about. Many of the team members here at StackSocial are IFTTT power-users with dozens of recipes set up to reduce our workload and stay on top of the mountain of stuff we need to get done everyday (gettin’ dealz done ain’t easy!).

While there are a ton of great IFTTT recipes we could recommend, here are 6 of our favorites that will save you time and make life easier:

IFTTT Instagram > Twitter

Post Your Instagram Photos as Native Twitter Pictures

Tweets that incorporate pictures generate far more engagement than those without imagery, so it’s  a major bummer that posting to Twitter from Instagram results in a puny little link in your followers’ feeds instead of the image itself. If you want to make the tweet look better, you have to post the photo separately in a manual process. Well, screw that noise.

With this IFTT recipe, all you have to do is authorize your Instagram and Twitter accounts and you’re good to go. Anytime you post a pic to Instagram, IFTTT will post a native version of that same picture on your Twitter account.

IFTTT Betalist > Email

Email an invite when a new startup is featured on @betalist

If you’re a tech enthusiast, this is a must-have recipe. Betalist curates and profiles new early-stage startups (usually when they’re entering their “beta” phase…hence the name). With this recipe, you get an email notification every time a new startup is added (usually about 5/day). Great for getting early access to cool new web apps and, in some cases, free access to otherwise paid products.

IFTTT Netflix Streaming Releases

Netflix Streaming Releases

Netflix buff? Who isn’t!?!

One downside to Netflix is keeping track of what the newest content is on Netflix’s streaming service…or, at least, it was. With this IFTTT recipe, you get an email whenever a new title is added to Netflix’s streaming library. I can’t wait until I get my “Twilight” email.

IFTTT Facebook Tags Go to PhotosFacebook Tags Go to Photos

This one takes the headache out of sharing photos with friends. Let’s say you have a great pic of you and your friends that someone takes with a friend’s phone, but not yours. Generally, the easiest way to get it (in the age of social media) is to grab it off Facebook when your friend posts it. Now, as long as your friend tags you in it, that photo will automatically be saved to your photo album without having to do any manual work.

IFTTT Contacts > Google Spreadsheet

Back up my contacts to a Google Spreadsheet

This is the all-time #1 recipe on IFTTT — and that’s not by accident. It’s always good to back up your contact list in case you suffer and Apple-plosion, but with this recipe you automatically send it to a Google Sheet, where you can do all kinds of sorting and organizing magic. If you could only choose one recipe to use, it should be this one.


Send iOS notification for new IFTTT Channels

If you want to make the jump from newbie to IFTTT power user, this is a no-brainer. Anytime IFTTT adds a new channel you can use to create integrations and automations, you’ll get a push notification on your iOS device. Simple, easy, awesome.

Are we missing your favorite IFTTT recipe? Fear not! We’ll be doing more IFTTT posts in the future to show off all of the fun, useful and kooky recipes you can use on IFTTT.

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