This $0.99 App Will Diagnose Your iPhone Battery Life Issues and Help You Fix Them

Hey there, Stackers…I hope everyone is enjoying a Sunday Funday. You know what’s not fun? Dealing with my iPhone’s crappy battery life — it’s a constant source of frustration these last few months (perhaps Apple is trying to get me ready for a new phone?). So, when I saw this article in TechCrunch on Friday, I was intrigued, but also skeptical.

After spending the $0.99 and installing Normal: Battery Analytics, I went through a quick tutorial and learned all about the inner workings of the app. Normal sends anonymized data from your iPhone to the Normal servers, where it crunches the data and benchmarks what’s going on with your device against other iPhone owners. Cool stuff.

While a lot of the recommendations are not going to shock you (Messenger being a battery hog should not be a surprise to anyone), the estimates it gives for battery life saved are pretty cool, and, if anything, it’s a nice way to remind yourself to “kill” apps (double-tap the “home” button, then swipe up) that don’t need to be running constantly. As time goes on, the app gets to know your phone better and provide more recommendations. So far, I’ve experienced a nice boost to my battery life, though I would probably attribute that more to paying more attention to my iPhone battery life than anything the app did (as I’ve only had it for about a day or so).

Overall, for $0.99, this app gives you an interesting, in-depth look at your iPhone (and how you can keep it powered on for longer). I’d definitely recommend it.

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  1. Long Nguyen
    August 18, 2014

    I just turn off backgrounding for apps I don’t need to run constantly in background…

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