Reversible USB Connector on Lightning Cables? Yes, Please

Let me paint you a word picture:

You’re sitting down at your computer, and you need to plug in a new peripheral — perhaps you’re syncing your phone or setting up a new printer. You reach for a USB cable and start trying to put it in the port on your computer. You fumble around, trying to fit the end of the USB cable into the port, twisting and turning the cable repeatedly. Finally, you buckle and just move your entire computer so you can visually match the USB port and the end of your cable.

Dramatic? Maybe a little bit, and if you have a laptop or a port-enabled monitor, it’s generally just a mild annoyance, but that’s the point — something this simple should not be a source of vexation. If leaked product images are to be believed, Apple may be taking steps to address at least one of those problems.

Lightning Cable Reversible USB Connector
Via MacRumors. Left = current version, right = reversible.

The image, allegedly, shows the USB connectors on a current Lightning cable and a new one that may be packaged with the upcoming iPhone 6. While reversible USB connectors are not a brand new concept, the fact that Apple is (possibly) adding these to their cables is a nice piece of news for Apple users everywhere…or at least those who, like me, are easily annoyed by minor inconveniences.

Source: MacRumors

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  1. Andrew
    August 18, 2014

    But it’s wider than a normal USB connector… Wouldn’t that mean it wouldn’t fit into normal USB ports?


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