App News: Flappy Bird Developer Pulls the Plug

Flappy Bird, the number one downloaded free app has been removed from the Apple App Store by the developer. The creator of the game, Dong Nguyen (pictured below) was clearly not a fan of the attention he was receiving from the popularity of his game.

Though the game was generating a whopping $50,000 a day in revenue from in-app ads, the money clearly wasn’t worth the hassle. Dong even pleaded to gamers via twitter “Please give me peace.” Apparently his prayers went unanswered as he removed the game from the App Store the morning of February 9th, potentially leaving millions of dollars on the table.

I’d presume someone will offer him a substantial sum for his product and it will be back on the market in no time. Sounds like a good guy with a ton of integrity and we wish him the best!


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  1. Alejandro
    February 11, 2014

    Oh no!, EA, come please!!!!

    That’s what we need, EA purchasing the rights of the game, load it with hundreds of InApp purchases and then place it as freemium app!


    Pipes increased by 200 pixeles of length

    Flap pack: -5 pixels on the pipe (each end): 5€ or 8123 eggs (game currency)
    Flap fat pack: -5 pixels on the pipe -5 pixel diet plan for the bird 8.99€ (12812 eggs)
    Feather flap pack: Condor feathers to let the bird fly for 0.112 seconds longer (120k eggs): 14.99€
    Goku flap pack: Teleport to the end of the scenery (3x) 5€ or 8123 eggs
    Fap Flap Cyclops Pack: laser-drill all the pipes and fly thru them: (69€) or 23983692 eggs

    but of course, as usual, you can get eggs for free, each 300 pipes you will be rewarded with 5 or 6 eggs, so you need to play it until you get old in order to get some bonus, or use your real farm eggs….

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