Back in my day… Generation Y Edition

For all you Millenials out there, I’m sure you’re well aware of all the hardships your parents went through as Baby Boomers. Yes, Dad… I know you used to listen to programs on the radio after school. No, Dad… I do not know how to use a movie projector. Yes, Mom… I know you used to go in the bank to get your money. No, Mom… you can’t write Subway a personal check. “Back in my day…” I know, Mom!

We’ve heard all our parents struggles for years, and now it’s our time to get in on the fun:


Do quarters even exist anymore?

Card Catalogs

Just to make writing a research paper that much harder.


Where’s the delete key?

Hardcopy Dictionary

When literally didn’t mean figuratively.


Imagine an iPod running on AA batteries LOLz.

Non-touch Non-Color Mobile

And the Angry Birds of it’s generation.

CRT Televisions

Let’s just say TVs weren’t seen atop a mantle.

Did we miss any? We would love to hear your outdated tech. Submit them in the comments below or tweet me @AllanBlocker.



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  1. Christopher
    March 10, 2014

    Pagers (Before text messaging), VHS tapes (Be Kind Please Rewind), a Book (the text does not resize like on your Kindle).

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