Mac Apps: What The Future Holds

By Matt Smith Partnerships

The shift to mobile is a hot topic around the world. Some companies like Facebook are adapting their products extremely well (see their last quarter). Others like Blackberry, are not. With this being said, what about our beloved mac apps and mac bundles? Will the shift to mobile result in a slow painful death for the Mac App Store and Mac OS X products?

In my opinion, NO! As consumers and businesses shift to more mobile and tablet usage, we will see slowing growth in desktop sales. But currently OS X is actually gaining market share. So if anything, PC’s will see a more dramatic disruption and impact on the bottom line (see Dell’s and HP’s recent issues).

My prediction for the mac app space is that desktops and their associated apps will become specialty products. It is very difficult to code on a iPad. It is challenging to write a novel on an iPhone. These tasks will get easier and easier on these devices, but certain devices are just better for certain tasks. It’s easier to travel by 2 wheel bike than a unicycle.

This video below from Elon Musk is really where I see the market going. You will have your desktop, 3+ monitors, iPad, Leap Motion, 3D printer, and iPhone all connected in a central workspace/workstation. For certain tasks, maybe the iPad provides a better experience. If so, that is great because your iPad is linked to your massive HD monitor. What we are really talking about here is everyone with workstations full of devices and screens. As the cost of hardware continues to come down, we will have more devices. As companies like FreedomPop and Google democratize WiFi, all of these devices will be connected to the Internet. When you sit down in your office, you will have a specific location for all your devices and use them interchangeably throughout the day. Certain use cases/tasks for certain devices.

The desktop OS X machine will be a specialty device in your toolkit and at your workstation. Mac bundles will still be around for the next 3-5+ years. And of course StackSocial will be here to deliver the best mac bundles and gadgets around to help you dominate this new era 🙂

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